Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preparations for Valley of Fire

Tomorrow, Levi and I will take Brewy for a much awaited vacation in the Little Nomad! Our destination is just about an hour's drive from our home, Valley of Fire.  Levi and I have lived in Vegas for almost a decade and we still have not visited this park.  Now is a good time as any.

Reservations cannot be made for campsites and the recently created but few RV sites, so we will hopefully beat the mad Veteran's Day weekend rush and snag a site. For the past week, we have been gathering  necessities for the trip.  Just a few last minute preparations tomorrow morning and we'll be off.

Just a few factoids on the Valley of Fire:
1. It is the oldest state park in Nevada.
2. The park's name is derived from it's unique red sandstone formations which appear to be ablaze in the reflective sunlight.
3.  It is located about 50 miles northeast of the Las Vegas valley.
4. Other special features of the park include the presence of petrified wood and petroglyphs created by the native Anasazi.
5.  There have been a few movies shot in various areas of the of interest to us is Star Trek Generations.  (Yes, we are also Trekkies.) The park, in the movie, sets the stage as the planet Viridian 3. Bad guy Soran is attempting to get to relocate back to Nexxus by any dangerous means necessary. Captain Piccard  and Captain Kirk save the day but at the expense of Captain Kirk's fall to death.  These scenes apparently take place in and around the Silicia Dome. Maybe we'll be able to see this.

Hikes, exploring, good food, and good company, chilly weather.....we have a lot to look forward to!  Can't wait!

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