Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lake Mead: Days 2 and 3

Day Two: 8/11/2012

Levi and a scuba buddy met in the AM to dive around Boulder Beach. They needed to complete a mapping assignment for their DiveMaster course and this weekend was open for both of them.

I stayed in the RV and completed some errands online with our awesome WiFi signal. Brewy and I walked through the park and into the campground. We were about to continue our hike down to the beach but it was already 105 outside.

Levi and John (dive partner) returned back to the RV site just a few hours after they left, assignment complete.

We all drove to Las Vegas Boat Harbor for lunch, just a 5 minute drive from the park).  No dogs are allowed in the restaurant, so we ordered rounds of ice cold drinks and sat outside on the deck.

Back at the park, we waved farwell to John and attempted to cool down from the blistering heat. We spent the better half of the day napping and watching shows online.

The evening brought a much appreciated rain shower and lightening show while we bbqed chicken for tacos! Yummy! Levi tried getting shots of the lightening but wasn't too lucky with the timing.

Day 3: 8/12/2012

Today is check-out day, blah! I never like this part, neither does Levi. The end of trips in the Little Nomad just makes us want to start up our full time RV lifestyle even sooner!

We decided to have breakfast at Lake Mead Marina (right next to Las Vegas Boat Harbor) before completely packing up and checking out. 

Doesn't look like we will have much time in the next coming months to take the Little Nomad out, but you never know...till next time...

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