About Us

Hi!  My name is Natalie!  My husband, Levi, and I are the creators of this blog! We started writing May of 2012 as a way to journal our adventures with our first RV, the Skyline Nomad travel trailer.  However, plans changed and we decided to expand the blog, add pages, and use it as a tool for other RV travel enthusiasts.

Currently, Levi and I reside in Las Vegas with our four cats (yup, four, that wasn't a typo) and pooch, Brewy.  We have the typical 9-5 jobs and travel with our pup in the trailer whenever we find the time.  Our ultimate goal is to leave the neon lights and explore other parts of the U.S. as full-time RVs.

We would like to reach this goal of full-timing within the next three years! We have started this process with lists, many lists!  They cover topics like "Financial Concerns," "Renting or Selling the House,"  "Type of RV to Swap for the Little Nomad," "Establishing a Home Base." There are many more items to consider as this is a huge endeavor;  this is a complete change in lifestyle! Hopefully, our experiences and trials will help those seeking the same travel option, young and young at heart!

For now, we are continuing our research, attending RV related events, and talking to other full-timers online or in person on our Little Nomad adventures!

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Thinking about purchasing my first RV. I'm considering the Casita. It small enough to pull behind my RAV4. Looks like you haven't made any entries since 2012. Any plans to continue? Your article "Full-Time RVing or Bust" is helpful. Thanks.