Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lake Mead: Days 2 and 3

Day Two: 8/11/2012

Levi and a scuba buddy met in the AM to dive around Boulder Beach. They needed to complete a mapping assignment for their DiveMaster course and this weekend was open for both of them.

I stayed in the RV and completed some errands online with our awesome WiFi signal. Brewy and I walked through the park and into the campground. We were about to continue our hike down to the beach but it was already 105 outside.

Levi and John (dive partner) returned back to the RV site just a few hours after they left, assignment complete.

We all drove to Las Vegas Boat Harbor for lunch, just a 5 minute drive from the park).  No dogs are allowed in the restaurant, so we ordered rounds of ice cold drinks and sat outside on the deck.

Back at the park, we waved farwell to John and attempted to cool down from the blistering heat. We spent the better half of the day napping and watching shows online.

The evening brought a much appreciated rain shower and lightening show while we bbqed chicken for tacos! Yummy! Levi tried getting shots of the lightening but wasn't too lucky with the timing.

Day 3: 8/12/2012

Today is check-out day, blah! I never like this part, neither does Levi. The end of trips in the Little Nomad just makes us want to start up our full time RV lifestyle even sooner!

We decided to have breakfast at Lake Mead Marina (right next to Las Vegas Boat Harbor) before completely packing up and checking out. 

Doesn't look like we will have much time in the next coming months to take the Little Nomad out, but you never know...till next time...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend at Lake Mead, Nevada, Day 1: 8/10/2012

Last summer trip in the Little Nomad before school starts!  Despite the weekend temperatures of 110+ (ouch!), Levi and I decided to go to out favorite spot near Vegas, Lake Mead.  This is mainly because it half-way resembles the coast. Lake Mead is about a 45 minute drive from our home.

Just a bit of history: Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the U.S., connecting to the Colorado River and home to the Hoover Dam.  It is ranked 16th largest in the world. Africa capitalizes on the largest man made reservoirs.

Day One: 8/10/2012
As usual, Levi and I started preparing for our trip in the Little Nomad a few days before taking off. It was easier to prepare this time around since we simply packet the trailer at its storage spot, our friend's residence, and took off from there. It was already above 100 when we took off around noon.

We arrived at Lake Mead's only RV park, RV Village (situated right next to Lake Mead Campground), and registered.  We recently became Good Sam Club members so we got a nice little discount for our stay. Valerie was working the front desk and she was very helpful with all of our questions.

We have stayed at this RV park in the past.  Once was last December for the Parade of Lights and another was just a few months ago when we made the mistake of boon docking in the summer with little gas for the generator to run the A/C.  We retreated to the RV park with their electric hook-ups for one night then.

Our site this weekend was #828, a back-up site furthest from the lake scene but closest distance to the office and Wi-Fi signal!  There was only one other RV parked in the immediate area...guess we aren't the only insane people out in this heat!

It took a grueling, sweltering 30 minutes to level and position the trailer. The A/C was working it's magic and quickly cooled the inside down! Brewy, I'm sure was grateful for this!

First on our agenda: drive down to Boulder Beach (only a 3 minute drive from the park) and into the water to cool down!  Always prepared and ready-me forgot my bathing suit.  Levi let me wear a pair of his trunks and I pulled a tank top out.  This was my Fashionista creation...

 I'm glad the fashion police weren't out because I would have been jailed for LIFE!

Levi was sporting his rash guard and snorkeling gear.  Brewy was set with her life jacket.  We looked like one sad, sad group of misfits!

But we still had fun in the lukewarm water...well Levi and I did. Brewy is an excellent swimmer but she does not feel safe unless her feet are planted firmly on the ground.  So, despite the life jacket, heat, and Levi and I taking turns cradling her, keeping her front body above the water line, she was happier on the shore.  We are a bit neurotic with our dog, if you haven't noticed yet.

We headed to the trailer a couple hours later and spend time in the coolness snacking, playing games, and watching Netflix shows (We've been watching back-to-back episodes of X-Files. They are simultaneously cheesy and spell-binding. Scully looks like she is constantly suffering from TMJ.  I'm no doctor, but she should really get that checked.) 
One more drive down to Boulder beach at night to take a little walk and pictures before grilling some hotdogs.  We met a family from Rhode Island who were taking a month long trip from coast to coast in a pop-up.  Levi and I informed them that we were in the middle of an excessive heat warning.  The dad didn't look too happy when we said this.  I wish we had packed a fan for them to use but of course I can't even remember to bring my own swim suit. I'm not sure how they fared at night, they left first thing in the morning, the next day.